Sunday, February 4, 2018

King Henry!

King Henry!!! That's what we call him when we walk in his room. He gets a huge smile and starts to giggle. I can't quite remember life before this sweet little brown haired boy was in our lives!

Here are a few tidbits about Henry at this age:

  • He is just a 20 lb ball of absolute joy! He is just so happy. 
  • He loves his mama - tries to eat/kiss my face off and gives the best snuggles. I love it so much!
  • Now that he's crawling, he is into absolutely EVERYTHING! 
  • Loves to get in the bathroom and shred the toilet paper (we are pretty diligent about keeping the bathroom doors shut now! haha) 
  • Wants to figure out how everything works. He loves to dismantle toys and then figure out how they fit back together. 
  • Would stay in a warm bath with his sister all day if we'd let him. He loves splashing and giggling in the tub with her. 
  • Does NOT like to lay down and hold still while we change his diaper. 
  • Was eating solids really well for a while, but has recently gone on strike. The only things I can consistently get in his mouth are apples, waffles, puffs, pizza, cheese, and that's about it. I'm blaming it on his recent cold....hopefully he expands his palette soon and stops throwing everything on the floor! 
  • Sleeps on his tummy
  • Stands up in his crib and yelps for us to come get him when he wakes up 
  • Has absolutely no fear or age awareness. He is so darn strong and I legitimately watched him have a pretty fair tug of war over a toy with a five year old child the other day. He won. No joke. 
  • Signs 'milk' and sometimes 'more'
  • Says mama, baba, dada, and ball 

We love you so much, Henry. You are so handsome and such a sweet little buddy. We're so glad you came! 



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